How Chiropractic Can Help With Injuries Sustained From Motor Vehicle Accidents, Whiplash, Personal Injury, Auto Injuries, and Workers Compensation

When you’re in a car accident or sustain a personal injury, it is important to be checked by a Chiropractor that focuses on spinal correction, has imaging on site, and corrects the many secondary conditions that can result from whiplash injury.

Depending on your injuries, a personal injury chiropractor may be the solution you are looking for. Chiropractors are able to treat many of the injuries caused by personal injury accidents such as whiplash, soft tissue injuries, musculoskeletal issues, and more.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

While a personal injury can happen anytime, listed below are a few particular types of personal injury accidents that are the most common. These include:

  • Vehicle Accidents – These accidents may include cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and more. If you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist, or involved in an accident in another capacity, you may have suffered injuries that a chiropractor can treat successfully.
  • Premises Liability Accidents – These accidents include slip and fall accidents and typically happen due to the negligence of a property owner or business. An example of this type of accident is when sidewalks or floors are slick due to water, ice, or other substances and a person slips and falls and gets injured.
  • Workplace Accidents – Workplace injuries can occur in any industry but are more common in certain fields such as construction, industrial settings, manufacturing and refineries or power plants.
  • Product Liability Accidents – These claims arise when someone is injured due to a product being defective or dangerous. Products may include car parts, household goods, prescription drugs, and more. An example would be a car accident that causes injuries because a car part was defective and resulted in the accident.

Common Accident Injuries

Personal injury accidents are more common than you might think, and injuries can result in your quality-of-life suffering. Common injuries caused by these accidents include:

  • Whiplash
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Head Injuries
  • Herniated or Compressed Spinal Discs
  • Joint Pain and Injuries
  • Muscle Sprains and Strains
  • Headaches
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Extremity Pain

How a Chiropractor Can Help After an Accident

Beyond cuts and bruises, stitches and broken bones, there are many other injuries a person can experience after a personal injury accident. This is why you need to see a healthcare provider as soon as possible after the accident.

Our practice will be able to determine how severe your injuries are and develop a treatment plan to care for them. Your treatment plan can address tissues, muscles, bones, ligaments, and spinal correction to reduce pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and help you heal more quickly.

Chiropractic and Your Personal Injury Case

Even if you think your injuries aren’t serious enough for a personal injury lawsuit, our practice can help document your injuries and treatments, as well as payments that you make. This way, detailed records will be ready for your attorney if you decide that a lawsuit is in your best interest.

Documentation will help determine the settlement amount for your case as well if you do file a personal injury lawsuit. Typically, a personal injury claim will cover your chiropractic treatment, however, each settlement payout is different. Settlement amounts depend on a variety of factors including the amount of wages you lost, your total medical bills, and how bad your injuries were.

We work with many attorneys in Delaware and Pennsylvania, and medical doctors, specialists, and teams of lawyers often refer their clients to our practice. Why? Because of our track record of helping our patients improve. We document all aspects of their personal injury case, provide exceptional care and results, and offer evidence-based chiropractic, making us one of the most popular practices in the area for patients seeking spinal corrective care.

Whether or not you file a personal injury claim or not, you still deserve the proper care and treatment to reach a full recovery after your accident. Prioritize your health. Schedule a New Patient Examination online, by visiting our website,, or call us (302) 234-1115.

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