I was having horrible neck pain and ocular migraines. After a few treatments my sinus issues neck issues and migraine issues went away. Dr. Chad always goes that extra step To make sure you are in your best health.

-Albert J Sbandi Jr

I suffer from neck pain, tension and TMJ. Since seeing Dr. Chad there is remarkable improvement in how I feel. He truly cares about his patients and each adjustment is tailored to exactly what you need. Recently I suffered minor whiplash and associated migraine. Nothing worked…until I made it until Dr. Chad’s office. I have oddly also noticed that my digestive issues that I have had for years are no longer present. I have seen other chiropractors in years past and can honestly say there is no one more genuine, skilled or knowledgeable as Dr. Chad.

-Jillian McKendree

Chad is a true professional and master of his craft!

-Jimmy Joe

I used to have frequent pain in my neck and shoulders, numerous headaches and nagging pain behind my left eye, all which considerably improved soon after starting my treatment.

-Belen T. and Daniel S. – Newark, DE

I’ve been coming for two weeks and my pain has gone from a 9/10 to a 3/10-ish, sometimes less. I’m looking forward to 0/10! I always leave feeling so refreshed and SO much better than I did going in! The treatments are lasting longer now, as well!

-Nadine Quintiliano Troiani – Kennett Square, PA

Dr. Chad has a great bedside manner and it is obvious he cares about his patients. He gives great practical advice to improve posture and body mechanics as well treating each individual’s own structural issues that are contributing to pain. The office has a very pleasant feel to it and the office staff are kind and friendly. I certainly recommend his practice.

-Dr. Ricky Haug – Kennett Square, PA

Great place to get better. Everybody is so nice and helpful. Chad can take the pain away and you will learn what to do and not do at home. I did not know how bad my posture was all day! I will definitely recommend this place.

-Anne Sweeney – West Chester, PA

Been coming for the past 3-4 weeks and already am starting to feel better each day. Everyone at this practice is beyond friendly and gives you the time you need to get better. I highly recommend coming here

-Melissa Berk Dubicki – Lincoln University, PA

I’ve been a patient of this caring, wonderful man since 2006. The difference he has made is more than I ever expected. Unfortunately my issues cause some reoccurring discomfort/pain but he’s always been there for me and I always feel straighter and more comfortable when I finish a treatment.

I never hesitate to recommend Dr Chad to anyone, friend or stranger.

-Pat Connor – Wilmington, DE

Dr. Chad and his staff are the best. After my car accident I was sent here never going to a chiropractor I was skeptical but I can tell you this man has helped me so much , he explains everything and genuinely cares for all his patients

-Christine Celauro – Hockessin, DE

Question posed on Facebook by a local resident in Hockessin, Delaware: “I am Looking for a chiropractor who specializes with Prenatal. Please only give recommendations if you saw them while pregnant:”

Dr. Chad Laurence! After I lifted my eldest child into his car seat at 6 months and hurt my back…I knew I could not get pregnant again and handle the strain…Dr. Chad helped me figure out the base issue and prep in time for my 2nd pregnancy…no issues. He even saw my youngest at 1-month-old and my older son at 2 years old. He even corrected our car seat straps….LOVE him!!!!

-Helene Neidig, Hockessin, Delaware

The staff at Corrective Chiropractic are all very good at what they do and go out of their way to help you achieve results. They won’t quit on you and they will push you towards your goal of having a better quality of life. Stick with it – it’s in your best interest. The dividends pay off now, but will only compound down the road.

-Ed Berusch – Kennett Square, PA

I first came to Dr. Chad in early 2001. I had problems as a result of an accident. that were being aggravated by postural problems resulting from working conditions. I immediately started following Dr. Chad’s advice and it wasn’t long before I noticed an incredible change in my life. The pain I had experienced decreased quickly and I started losing the weight I had struggled to lose most of my life. I will never be able to thank him enough for helping me get started down the path I had struggled to find.

-Shane Bryant -Bradenton, FL

When you meet Dr. Laurence the first thing you will notice is his enthusiasm and his energy. You can tell he truly loves what he is doing. He is committed to helping people get better and improve their health. He really cares about each individual patient, which is evident in the amount of time he spends with each person. My teenaged son and I both have noticed a significant improvement in our neck and back since being in Dr. Laurence’s care. I am no longer in constant pain and my son is headache free. Thank you Dr. Laurence! We appreciate everything you have done for us.

-Judy Z. – West Grove, PA

I used to have frequent pain on my neck and shoulders, numerous headaches and nagging pain behind my left eye, all which considerably improved soon after starting my treatment. After about 3 months under his care, I am totally pain free! I don’t even get headaches anymore and I am so thankful to have met Dr. Laurence! Dr. Laurence has also given us great advice on nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle. Daniel and I enjoy coming to his family-oriented practice and we hope you will soon do too!

-Belén T. & Daniel S. – Newark DE

Thank you Dr. Chad. Deciding to contact you, taking the time to understand all that chiropractic offers & making a firm commitment, has been one of the best decisions I’ve made

-M. Bartel -Middletown, DE

“You Could Not Be In Better Hands to Receive The Support You Need”

I am happy to be able to tell others of my experience with receiving therapy from Rekha. For a little over two years I received mostly Craniosacral Therapy, but also some Bodymind Acupressure® and Reiki. I was suffering lingering pain from physical injuries and stress from trying emotional situations.
Rekha’s work has helped me address issues like sciatica, overstretched and repetitive stressed joints, skiing injuries and even a mal-aligned dental bite among other things. However, just as important is how her therapy made me aware of underlying problems and empowered me to address emotional, mental and physical issues that were previously hidden from my consciousness. Her therapy has made me more aware of what my body and mind is trying to tell me. Plus, Rekha has offered options and lifestyle changes on how to deal with these issues.
I trust her judgement and value her insights. Her kindness and patience was most supportive.
Anyone looking to stop their pain and stress or maintain their emotional, mental and physical health should seek therapy with Rekha. You could not be in better hands to receive the support you need.

–George D.

“She Has A Special Gift to Create A Healing Session For You”

Experience a wonderful Jin Shin Do session with Rekha. Jin Shin Do®, translated, means “The way of the compassionate spirit” . It helps to merge our emotional component with our body/mind/spirit.
Rekha has a special gift of intuitively being guided to create a healing session just for you.
Jin Shin Do® is a gentle acupressure technique that is used to assess, stimulate and move energy through the body, creating wholeness and tranquility.

–Maureena S.

“I always feel safe and comfortable in Rekha’s hands.”

I had been experiencing 20 – 25 headaches a month for at least 4 years. They had become so intense and frequent that I had to stop practicing yoga. I decided to try Craniosacral Fascial Therapy treatments after Rekha offered me a sample. I went to Rekha for a little over 2 months and the treatments and recommendations she offered allowed me to relax, release my tension and lift my energy level. I have not had a headache for over a month and could not be happier. I always feel safe and comfortable in Rekha’s hands and would recommend her services to anyone.

– K.M., Wilmington, DE

“With Rekha’s support, I am now back to being active and enjoying my activities, and I have a positive outlook on all of my possibilities.”

I had the unique opportunity to experience Cranial Sacral Therapy with Rekha. I started my therapy visits in a time of need. I had multiple joint dysfunctions from acute to chronic pain, under the care of a team of doctors, and was having no success. On top of time consuming doctor visits, I had various medical treatments, among them joint injections and physical therapy, none of which worked for any consistent change. I was at a really low point in believing that I would ever get back to the happy and active version of me.

As some can relate, it was hard to keep my confidence up when the medication I was using to treat my ailments produced results that were less than spectacular. I was experiencing such sadness, and losing hope. It was ONLY when Rekha assured me with her therapy and invaluable support, that I would be able to heal to regain the fun & exciting life I wanted, did I see experience a glimpse of hope. Since I had never had Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, I was willing to give it a try. After all, what did I have to lose?

Craniosacral Fascial therapy and Rekha’s work is different. It’s not what I was used to using in trying to figure out how to make myself feel better. I kept an open mind and allowed the process to unfold, and I am grateful I did. With Rekha’s support, I am now back to being active and enjoying my activities, and I have a positive outlook on all of my possibilities.

I would encourage anyone struggling or needing support for any issue to take a chance on Rekha’s Craniosacral Fascial Therapy sessions. If you want to see the light and the end of the tunnel, climb out of the woods of darkness and be the best version of “you,” then take chance and explore this therapy. I am incredibly grateful I did and would encourage anyone else to give this unique therapy a try.

– Amy C., Wilmington, DE

My son was 5 years old, very shy and anxious at the time we met Rekha. We encountered her by chance and he was immediately drawn to her which was out of character for him. We had been struggling at home with meltdowns and I thought Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) and holistic health strategies might be helpful since behavioral strategies alone didn’t seem effective. He had about 8 sessions over the course 4-5 months. We definitely saw him get relief over the course of treatment. Rekha did gentle body work with him, but also spoke with him (and me) about strategies he could use to self-regulate at home. He still has periods of normal anxiety and frustration but he/we feel much more empowered to work through them now. I ended up doing some work with Rekha myself and found I was able to work through some emotional blocks as well! I recommend you give yourself or your loved one an opportunity to try CFT and holistic healing work, we are grateful we did.

–Stacy B. West Grove, PA

I have brought several of my children to Rekha for Craniosacral Fascial Therapy. Rekha is knowledgeable, attentive, very thorough, and works well with kids. She communicated her assessment with us after each session and offered helpful tips to continue progress at home. After only a few sessions we saw positive results with each child that have continued, and seem to have lasting impact. We plan to continue using craniosacral fascial therapy for our family wellness.

–Hannah C. Hockessin, DE