1. How did you find out about Chiropractic?

I was first introduced to chiropractic about 25 years ago. A few of my friends from High School had become Chiropractors and I would go to see them whenever I had serious lower back pain. I usually only stayed with the treatment plan for a couple of visits – until the symptoms went away.

2. What were your health problems/primary complaints?

Before I started seeing Dr Laurence I had a few health aliments which I had been seeing my Primary care Physician for. I was experiencing headaches, usually of the low, dull ache type that would last from a few hours to a few days. I also would tend to “throw my lower back out” from time to time. I was always prescribed some sort of medication for these issues; the symptoms would disappear for a while, but eventually return. These issues seem to sap the energy out of me and it was impacting my ability to function at home, at work and even to rest.

3. How did these problems interfere with your daily routine?

As mentioned, pain has a way of taking whatever energy you have left and using it all. Constant headaches, even the dull ones, really wear on you. Lower back pain is difficult to manage. It hurts to sit, stand, lay down, walk, etc… It got to the point I would stop doing things, not so much because it was difficult to perform activities, but because the pain the following day was so much more intense and debilitating. Simply put I wasn’t recovering well from physical activity. When you are used to being active and then have to make conscious choices as to what you will and won’t do, it really makes things less enjoyable. Not being as active lead to sleep issues, lack of physical conditioning, poor eating habits and STRESS.

4. How long before you noticed an improvement and what improvements did you have?

I started seeing Dr. Laurence in June of 2007. Everyone handles adjustments to their body differently and I would ask other patients how they progressed just to compare my progress. No two people are the same, but here’s my take on my situation. For th first 4 or 5 weeks I would say I saw marginal improvement at best. At the very beginning, I actually saw a decline as my body was sore from the adjustments and tractions, the headaches were a bit more intense. As the weeks went on I got back to where I was and eventually saw some improvement in terms of the headaches were less frequent, lower in severity and lasted much less time My body, especially my neck and upper back seemed to loosen up a bit after 6 or so weeks.

Following the initial 6 weeks I began to see greater improvement in terms of the headaches becoming virtually non-existent, the lower back pain was falling off a lot and I seemed to be less stressed at home and at work. I started to sleep a little better. By the 10th week I noticed two big changes my mobility was getting better but more importantly the ability to perform physical activity and recover from it was greatly enhanced. By 16th week I could do three straight days of yard work followed by 3 days of indoor home improvement work without as much as a few sore muscles. Prior to trying chiropractic this would have been near impossible unless I popped a bottle of Advil.

I still realize I have a long way to go – this is a marathon – not a sprint. But with time and commitment I feel I will be on the way to a healthier life, not only physically, but emotionally.

5. Why would you recommend Chiropractic to others?

I would recommend chiropractic to others – and I have based on my recent experiences. I think it’s an individual choice and I would never pressure a person to try it, I’d rather them see from my example that if you commit to making the appointments, do what you are told to, do the work you need to do at home as well, that you can realize tangible results in a relatively short period of time.

You need to stay committed to the process. From my sports playing days there is a saying that Amateurs practice until they get it right, Professional practice until they can’t get it wrong. Same hold true here. Getting your body back in the “right frame of mind” takes commitment long after the symptoms go away. If you are not willing to make the commitment, put forth the effort, and do your part, don’t come here, you’re only wasting your money and time. The Dr. can only do so much; the rest is up to you.

The staff at Corrective Chiropractic are all very good at what they do and go out of their way to help you achieve results. They won’t quit on you and they will push you towards your goal of having a better quality of life. Stick with it – it’s in your best interest. The dividends pay off now, but will only compound down the road. – Ed Berusch – Kennett Square, PA

I first came to Dr. Chad in early 2001. I had problems as a result of an accident. that were being aggravated by postural problems resulting from working conditions. I immediately started following Dr. Chad’s advice and it wasn’t long before I noticed an incredible change in my life. The pain I had experienced decreased quickly and I started losing the weight I had struggled to lose most of my life. I will never be able to thank him enough for helping me get started down the path I had struggled to find.
-Shane Bryant -Bradenton, FL

When you meet Dr. Laurence the first thing you will notice is his enthusiasm and his energy. You can tell he truly loves what he is doing. He is committed to helping people get better and improve their health. He really cares about each individual patient, which is evident in the amount of time he spends with each person. My teenaged son and I both have noticed a significant improvement in our neck and back since being in Dr. Laurence’s care. I am no longer in constant pain and my son is headache free. Thank you Dr. Laurence! We appreciate everything you have done for us.
-Judy Z. – West Grove, PA

I used to have frequent pain on my neck and shoulders, numerous headaches and nagging pain behind my left eye, all which considerably improved soon after starting my treatment. After about 3 months under his care, I am totally pain free! I don’t even get headaches anymore and I am so thankful to have met Dr. Laurence! Dr. Laurence has also given us great advice on nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle. Daniel and I enjoy coming to his family-oriented practice and we hope you will soon do too!
-Belén T. & Daniel S. – Newark DE

How did you find out about chiropractic?

The Jervis Family are patients of Dr. Laurence, and are wonderful proponents of all the benefits offered through excellent corrective chiropractic care. What were you health problems/ primary complaints? Constant and more often than not, excruciating lower back pain, radiating pain down my left along with numbness.

How did these problems interfere with your daily routine?

Every aspect of my daily routine had been adversely affected. The simple act of walking was a horrible experience. Each step brought stabbing pain. With each step, the pain felt in my lower back was agonizing. Holding my morning mug filled with coffee brought back pain. Simply standing in line at markets/theaters, climbing stairs & something as basic as sleep all weren’t possibilities. Being awake became a nightmare. Sitting, standing, reclining….there wasn’t a pain-free position.

How long before you noticed an improvement and what improvements did you have?

I felt immediate relief after my initial adjustment. AMAZING! However, the following week brought flu-like body aches. Those symptoms lasted approximately three weeks. I persevered & I am so very thankful I did. I’ve lived with horrible pain for over four years. The simple act of walking up the driveway to my mailbox became impossible. My passion is travel with my husband, but I spent the better part of our last vacation in Spain, resting in our hotels. My back pain held me prisoner! I couldn’t walk for a more than a half block… I couldn’t tour. I was absolutely miserable…& miserable to be with.

Why would you recommend chiropractic to others?

Every day that I am relatively pain free is a glorious day! I’m able to walk my dogs, get down & play with them, bend to pick up whatever, climb stairs, sit for lengthy periods & no longer find myself limited because of back pain. Countless friends, relatives & co-workers comment that the grimace was a constant on my face for too many years, has suddenly disappeared. Today I rarely have the need to reach for Advil.

Thank you Dr. Chad. Deciding to contact you, taking the time to understand all that chiropractic offers & making a firm commitment, has been one of the best decisions I’ve made

-M. Bartel -Middletown, DE

“Rekha helped me to become less inhibited & anxious, and to become calm, confident, focused, adventurous and assertive.”

I came to Rekha on the recommendation of a friend. I had previously tried Acupuncture to address the Anxiety and other issues I’d been experiencing. Although Acupuncture did help me with some issues, my acupuncturist told me he could not help me beyond a certain point. Then I met Rekha.
I was hesitant when she said she could help me, but I was open. She has helped me to become less inhibited and anxious, and to become calm, confident and adventurous. The Acupressure and Aromatherapy combined with her suggestions have been the catalyst to help me become free, focused, confident and assertive. I feel eager to move forward. I strongly recommend Rekha and her work if you want to become well, whole and healthy.

–Frank V.

“The Experience and Knowledge She Brings is Amazing.”

Perhaps you’ve read testimonials for many businesses and are a bit doubtful as to their validity, but I want to share that with Rekha there is something truly special about her work and dedication to her clients. From the moment I met her, before I became a client, I felt a calmness around her. As a client, the experience and knowledge she brings to her sessions is amazing. If you are searching for someone with a deep understanding, passion and caring for her work and her clients, you would do well to schedule a consultation with Rekha. You won’t regret it.

–Dinette R.

“She Has A Special Gift to Create A Healing Session For You”

Experience a wonderful Jin Shin Do session with Rekha. Jin Shin Do®, translated, means “The way of the compassionate spirit” . It helps to merge our emotional component with our body/mind/spirit.
Rekha has a special gift of intuitively being guided to create a healing session just for you.
Jin Shin Do® is a gentle acupressure technique that is used to assess, stimulate and move energy through the body, creating wholeness and tranquility.

–Maureena S.

“You Could Not Be In Better Hands to Receive The Support You Need”

I am happy to be able to tell others of my experience with receiving therapy from Rekha. For a little over two years I received mostly Craniosacral Therapy, but also some Bodymind Acupressure® and Reiki. I was suffering lingering pain from physical injuries and stress from trying emotional situations.
Rekha’s work has helped me address issues like sciatica, overstretched and repetitive stressed joints, skiing injuries and even a mal-aligned dental bite among other things. However, just as important is how her therapy made me aware of underlying problems and empowered me to address emotional, mental and physical issues that were previously hidden from my consciousness. Her therapy has made me more aware of what my body and mind is trying to tell me. Plus, Rekha has offered options and lifestyle changes on how to deal with these issues.
I trust her judgement and value her insights. Her kindness and patience was most supportive.
Anyone looking to stop their pain and stress or maintain their emotional, mental and physical health should seek therapy with Rekha. You could not be in better hands to receive the support you need.

–George D.

“Not Only Did My Breath Expand, My Energy Increase and My Anxiety Release, But I Also Experienced A Positive Shift In My State of Mind”

I was in a very emotional state and completely drained when Rekha suggested that I try Aromatherapy. Prior to trying the Aromatherapy oil that she recommended I was feeling a lot of shortness of breath from holding my breath without realizing it. I followed Rekha’s advice and felt my breath immediately expand, my energy increase and my anxiety release. I also felt a positive shift in my state of mind.
If you’re feeling anxious or emotionally in need of support, I highly recommend getting an Aromatherapy consultation with Rekha.

–Kim K.

I used to have frequent pain in my neck and shoulders, numerous headaches and nagging pain behind my left eye, all which considerably improved soon after starting my treatment.

-Belén T. & Daniel S.

I’ve been coming for two weeks and my pain has gone from a 9/10 to a 3/10-ish, sometimes less. I’m looking forward to 0/10! I always leave feeling so refreshed and SO much better than I did going in! The treatments are lasting longer now, as well!

-Nadine Quintiliano Troiani

Dr. Chad has a great bedside manner and it is obvious he cares about his patients. He gives great practical advice to improve posture and body mechanics as well treating each individual’s own structural issues that are contributing to pain. The office has a very pleasant feel to it and the office staff are kind and friendly. I certainly recommend his practice.

-Ricky Haug

Great place to get better. Everybody is so nice and helpful. Chad can take the pain away and you will learn what to do and not do at home. I did not know how bad my posture was all day! I will definitely recommend this place.

-Anne Sweeney

Been coming for the past 3-4 weeks and already am starting to feel better each day. Everyone at this practice is beyond friendly and gives you the time you need to get better. I highly recommend coming here

-Melissa Berk Dubicki

I’ve been a patient of this caring, wonderful man since 2006. The difference he has made is more than I ever expected. Unfortunately my issues cause some reoccurring discomfort/pain but he’s always been there for me and I always feel straighter and more comfortable when I finish a treatment.

I never hesitate to recommend Dr Chad to anyone, friend or stranger.

-Pat Connor

Dr. Chad and his staff are the best. After my car accident I was sent here never going to a chiropractor I was skeptical but I can tell you this man has helped me so much , he explains everything and genuinely cares for all his patients

-Christina Celauro